Psychic Sciences

This area includes ESP, remote viewing, psychokinesis, channeling, and other psychic-related phenomenon and sciences. 


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Related Links


Hilarion (Jon C. Fox. Jon channels an energy being known as "Hilarion," who provides information on New Psysics and healing.)


Afterlife Knowledge (Bruce Moen)
Society for Psychical Research (UK)


The Amazing World of Kreskin
Delphi Associates (Sean David Morton)
John Hogue Prophecy (Nostradamus)
Inner Insight, LTD. (Jay Caliendo, Health Intuitive)
Matrix Institute (Gordon-Michael Scallion)
The Tarot School
The Tarot Society

Remote Viewing:

Bio Mind Super Powers (Ingo Swann)
The Farsight Institute
Psi Tech, Inc.
Technical Remote Viewing Institute (Maj. Ed Dames. Related link: Matrix Intelligence Agency.)
US Psi Squad (Beverly C. Jaegers)

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