"Hard to Classify"

Okay, here it is--this section is kind of a "catch all" for all sorts of weird stuff that we either can't put into a specific category, or fits into several categories! If you know of something weird that we should know about, or you have further information regarding the items on this page, please let us know!


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Chemtrail Photos

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The Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained (Covers a variety of subjects.)
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Spiral Update News (The marriage of science philosophy and religion.)

Alternative Science:

Antigravity News and Space Drive Technology


(Lots of photos and articles)
Chemtrails-An Introduction (Lots of info)

Chemtrail Central (Lots of photos, and a technical research report.)


911 Truth
The Smoking Gun

Time Travel:

Wingmakers ("Wingmakers" is the amazing story of the discovery of a time capsule stored deep inside a canyon in northern New Mexico for over 1000 years. It is supposedly from people in the future.)

Very Odd:

The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency
"Rods" (International Sky Fishing Association)
(This is one of the most fascinating phenomenons you will ever see! This research is being pioneered by Jose Escamilla)
Spontaneous Human Combustion

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