Ghostly Manifestations 101
By Brockton James

There are many types of manifestations believed to be related to the presence of ghosts (or spirits). This phenomena can consist of apparitions (supernormal manifestations of people, animals and objects), noises, voices, strange smells, extreme cold, a feeling of being touched, the movement of objects and such. Apparitions, incidentally, are not seen in all cases, and those that are, vary in appearance. They can appear to resemble real people or animals, or appear fuzzy, transparent or nearly all white. They generally appear in clothes that were popular during the person’s own lifetime, although some do change their appearance and age.

A mischievous and sometimes malevolent spirit manifestation is known as a poltergeist. A poltergeist will commonly manifest by moving or throwing (sometimes large) objects, making loud noises, emitting a vile odor, and by assaulting people and animals. There may also be apparitions, strange lights and the interfering with electronic equipment involved. Poltergeist activity usually occurs at night, and a person (known as an “agent”) is the focal point of the activity. (Interestingly, the agent is generally a woman under 20.) Some poltergeist activity has been identified as psychokinesis originating from a person with some sort of psychological dysfunction, and is unaware of the fact that they are the cause. Some researchers, however, claim that poltergeist activity does in fact involve spirits of the dead.

Low-level spirits which interact in the affairs of our world are commonly known as “demons.” They are said to exist in many varieties, and may be good, evil, or capable of both. They exist in many cultures, but their origin lies in ancient Greek beliefs, where they were known as “Daimons,” and were thought of as intermediary spirits between mankind and the gods. (In Christianity, they have been “cataloged” into hierarchies of hell, and have been given certain attributes and duties, all of which, are associated with evil.)

There are entities that can be created by thought. These “thought forms” are intentionally created by a ritual that involves concentration, repetition and visualization. Thought forms can be directed to perform certain tasks, or be directed at individuals for good, such as healing or protection, or to do harm to the individual.

It is believed by many, that each of us has a spirit “guide” (or “guardian angel,” “spirit teacher,” etc.) This is an entity whose purpose is to help and protect us, facilitate in our spiritual development, and serve as a source of inspiration. They can manifest at any time, generally to deliver a message, provide a warning, offer protection, guide the dying to the “other side,” etc.

I hope this article has provided some basic insight to the types of ghostly manifestations one can experience. If you have a “hair raising” ghost story to tell, please contact Odd Galaxy!

Copyright March 2003 Brockton James / Odd galaxy


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