Cryptozoology is the study of animals/creatures that are hidden or unknown, and are not generally "scientifically recognized." Sometimes referred to as "cryptids," they are believed by some to be legend, while others believe certain "creatures" to exist. This includes Bigfoot (Sasquatch), The Yeti, the Chinese Wildman, Orang Pendek, The Lochness Monster, The Chupacabra ("Goatsucker"), The Jersy Devil, and such. Keep in mind, the giant Pandas in China were once thought to be mythological creatures. And even after scientists accepted the fact that they existed, it took more than 60 years to actually capture one! There are new species of land and sea life being discovered each year--what will we discover next? This is an absolutely facinating study, which we're sure you will become addicted to!


El Chupacabra | By Marc Herman
Tracking What's Hidden | By Tony Reid

News Items:

Prehistoric Bird Seen in Alaska?
Giant Squid Washes Up On Beach. Could be new species.
New Insect Order Found in So Africa | By Bijal P. Trivedi

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Creature Myths and Legends:

The Jersey Devil

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